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The ultimate sunset experience

Old Castle Oia Hotel: Explore the timeless Oia and prepare for the ultimate sunset experience.

Discover Old Castle Oia’s Hotel famous location.

Relish in the elegance and allurement of a charming Oia hotel, nestled idyllically on top of the breathtaking cliffs of Oia. Find the ruins of the Old Castle, strikingly silhouetted in shapes and colors directly above your suites. Marvel at the view while walking down the 65 widely paved steps spiraling from the Castle to your suite. The Old Castle is the perfect holiday destination for travelers looking for unique moments.

Visit the surrounding attractions.

Stroll with your significant other around quaint narrow streets and cobbled pavements crammed with taverns and fine restaurants. Take a seat beneath a blue canvas of sky streaked with Santorini’s golden light and watch as the world goes by. Unveil the beauty of Oia, and explore the area around the caldera, a masterpiece of nature. Flee from Old Castle Oia luxury hotel’s enchanting atmosphere and explore the surrounding attractions of the island. Marvel at the Byzantine castle dating back to the 15th century and admire the colorful inland complementing the Aegean’s infinite blue.

Feel Santorini’s real essence.

Visit the old port down to Ammoudi beach and local dishes at authentic little taverns. Get enchanted by the smell of the bougainvillea and the jasmine flowers decorating the narrow streets. Visit picturesque villages stretching all the way along impressive cliffs and take snaps of the island’s most photographed churches. Shop colorful crafts and jewelry or buy beauty products made with local ingredients, like volcanic stones, olive oil, or even donkey milk.

Soak up the iconic sunset.

Gaze at the horizon and be mesmerized by the diverse landscape comprised of the whitewashed houses, blue domes, steep cliffs, and a tangerine sunset that gracefully dives into the sea. Watch the iconic sunset of Santorini descending, directly from each suite, into the alluring azure waters, covering the sky with a spectrum of colors that makes this moment in Santorini captivating and absolutely memorable. Embrace a holiday experience in Oia, Santorini, like no other.

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